About Me

SarahKate Henna Artist - Photographer - Mother I picked up my first henna kit in 2004 and it wasn't long before I realized, that as an artist, it was the medium that I’d been looking for for years. I loved the idea of natural, temporary body art and played with adorning myself, our family and friends. I read about the traditions of henna and I especially loved the idea of honoring a woman’s pregnancy with henna. In 2008 I began an art project to celebrate motherhood with henna, and so far I have included over 250 pregnant women in my art books.
I also express my creativity through singing, dancing, playing music, as well as mothering, homemaking and homeschooling.

What My Clients Say about me:

Thank you so very much for the incredible blessing of my pregnancy and new baby with your beautiful henna!! Your photos are treasures to us and capture absolutely priceless moments of such a special time in Keegan's life (and mine too)!!- Beth

SarahKate Butterworth painting henna on a handWOW! Thank you so much!!! These are gorgeous pictures. They definitely exceeded all my expectations, as did the whole process. It's an absolutely wonderful ritual to own and celebrate my motherhood, and I
thank you so much for it.
- Amelie

" I didn't realize what an incredible blessing it was to be painted with henna on my growing belly by SarahKate. She read me a blessing, told me a beautiful birthing story and spoiled me with an amazing henna design, which she did free hand. She is a genius! Not only did I completely take in the experience of being adorned, but I will forever enjoy the photos she took of me.....as will my child. I highly recommend this to any woman who wants to capture this very special period of her life" - Kelley

Holy Molly-- thank you so very much! These pictures are all incredible and I cannot believe how awesome my belly looks with the henna!! Our favorite picture is the one where we are looking at each other-- you captured "us" perfectly in that shot :)  Thank you again for such an amazing experience and for making me feel beautiful-- not an easy feat these days. So often people, even total strangers at a store, will say things that bring pregnant ladies down ("You're huge! You're gigantic! Are you having twins?" blah, blah, blah), but with you, I felt feminine, empowered and blessed-- my henna belly gives me strength :)- Stephanie

Oh my goodness......I LOVED the photos that you took  [they] brought tears to my eyes.  You are a strong and amazing woman!!  You have such a gift and appreciate you sharing that we me and my family.  Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!- Gretchen