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What a joy to visit with Verna again ~ I have adorned her for pregnancy, postpartum as well as a breast feeding. She came with some interesting design ideas and I incorporated some of the ideas into this art, which I think came out beautifully. Here I am, covered in my birthday henna, putting the finishing touches on her tattoo:


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I was covered in my birthday henna when I painted Katy to celebrate her pregnancy! She asked for doves and a single poppy to represent her unborn baby ~ I love the design that came through! Just gorgeous. 

~ Mermaids ~

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I really loved creating this underwater themed henna belly deisgn!

What a beautiful summer day ~ my dear husband (who is also my lighting assistant) took this photo below ~ 


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  A postpartum henna party ~ a wonderful way to honor the transition of a new family member. 

I drove out to see Laura in her home in Aurora and celebrate her birth with henna tattoos. Her 3 oldest daughters joined her in getting body art, with a flower and butterfly theme that we continued from her pregnancy.


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   This mama asked me incorporate a dragon and horse in her henna belly design ~ she is the year of the dragon, and her baby is the year of the horse ~ 

I love how it came out ~


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  This mama-to-be came prepared with lots of ideas for her henna belly design. Mustaches, a vintage circus hot air balloon, a top hat and elephant honor her pregnancy!  


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  Megan's henna design started with a photo she shared with me, of a lotus opening. I love to create lotus designs and I love how this one unfolded. 

Megan and her family came for outdoor photography about 3 days later when the henna was peaking ~


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The breast feeding art project continues with Mindy! Her request was a henna theme combining technology and nature ~ steampunk came to mind ~ and I love how we have the planets, stars, and satalites all incorporated into this design ~ 


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I love seeing women blossom into motherhood ~ 

I've known Kia before her first birth, and it's been really neat getting to know her over the years. She is an amazing mama! Her whole family is awesome.


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This henna belly design of a tree incorporates two owls that represent the two grandmothers in this baby's life. I love how it came out!


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