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This first time mama drove all the way from Littleton to come to my studio for henna. This beautiful henna belly design began with a mandala around the belly button, flowing with leaves and flowers around it. 

You look beautiful Holly! 


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  What a pleasure to create this artwork for this amazing mama that I've had a chance to get to know for a few months. A belly mandala flowing with flowers, leaves and ivy ~


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This pregnancy was honored body art ~ a design with 2 owls in a tree ~ 

We met a few days later at sunrise to catch the beautiful pink glow ~


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Julie's baby girl is just 6 months old ~ and what a cutie! I love babies of all ages, but when they are this chubby and sweet it's absolutely heart melting.... 


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I drove out to Denver to celebrate Perri's pregnancy with a small group of her friends and family. I really love these types of gatherings, it is so good to see a mama so well loved and supported. 


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   There is something so beautiful about a mother simply nourishing her baby ~ I love creating art that honors that. This flowery design feels goes from shoulder to shoulder, with matching henna on her hands. 


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  Though I have lived in Boulder, Colorado since I was 11 years old it's not often I meet someone who was born here and treasures this city like I do. Anya requested I adorn her pregnant belly with the local mountainscape ~ the Flatirons of Boulder. Geese fly above the mountains with feathers drifting down one arm, and snowflakes down another. I really loved how this turned out!


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This beautiful henna heart design came from an image this mama-to-be showed me from her baby's blessing. Really an honor to create art like this ~ 

3 generations of women

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I am really enjoying my art project honoring 3 generations of women with body art & photos together. Here's Angie with her mother and daughter ~ 

They returned 3 days later for photos outside ~


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