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  Loren had a request for a style of henna that I wasn't familiar with, full of geometric patterns. I was fascinated! It was a lot of fun to translate this style into belly henna, and I got completely lost in the details. Before I knew it, an hour had passed.. and I wasn't nearly done! (most bellies take 90 min to paint) I really enjoyed creating this design and getting to know Loren.


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  Of all the women I've met & adorned with henna, Nancy and I have definitely shared the most laughter together. It has been such a pleasure to get to know this joyous woman with such a big heart! I painted her belly for pregnancy, her hands for postpartum, and now her breast & arm for breastfeeding henna. The photo below shows the henna paste freshly applied, the following photos show her baby boy nursing. Gorgeous! 


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I met Amber in 2010 for her first pregnancy, and then again this year to honor this 2nd pregnancy with a unique henna design that she requested ~ 

We met a few days later for photos outdoors on an incredibly steamy July afternoon ~


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  It's really neat to get to know women before they birth their first child, see them again, pregnant with their 2nd.... and then breastfeeding.  I meet so many outstanding mothers in my work! The breastfeeding art project continues with Keri, who had an amazing story to tell about her challenging journey breastfeeding. Even though nursing your child is a natural, normal act, that does not make it easy. Check out Keri's blog to read the details. 


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I first met Kala 4 years ago to celebrate her 2nd pregnancy. She was the youngest mother I ever adorned ~ glowing with health and beauty throughout her pregnancy & postpartum period. I adorned her several times for the that 2nd pregnancy, creating a design that would be with her while she birthed. A few days after her home birth, I drove up to her mountain home and adorned Kala with postpartum henna. I photographed her belly within a week of her giving birth, and as you can see the mandala has held its shape. Just beautiful! 


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I first met Danielle in 2012 to celebrate her pregnancy and the birth of her son ~

And this week we celebrated her 2nd pregnancy with flowers, hills, butterflies and a fairy ~ 


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I had the pleasure of attending Jessica's Blessing Way in a park in Boulder this past weekend. I love witnessing women supporting each other in this way ... watching the web form between them as they send the ball of string around each wrist in the circle ~ holding intentions ~ making birth bracelets ~ 


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