Get Hennaed!

 I have been working with the medium of henna for 9 years, serving the Boulder area (and beyond) since 2004. I adorn all types of people for all kinds of celebrations, and for the past 5  years I have been doing a lot of art for my book series Honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos, which has involved painting over 260 pregnant bellies - my favorite canvas.

**to avoid disappointment, please contact me early to reserve your date, especially in the summer months**

 This mama and her two daughters were painted in celebration of her birth.Henna House Calls

  I am happy to bring the artistic  experience to your home, and there is no travel fee if you live  within  10 miles of our home studio (80301).  I am  available for both private individual henna pamperings and parties.
 Henna Parties! A great way to celebrate pregnancies, birthdays, weddings, menarche, and any other life change that you want to be memorable.  
 All of these can be celebrated as individual sessions too, and we can make it ALL about you. Individual henna sessions are available as house calls or you are welcome to be adorned in my home studio.

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Pregnancy Henna Pampering

 The pregnant belly is my favorite canvas and it takes about 90 minutes to fully adorn it. Women often find the process very relaxing, after all one of henna’s medicinal qualities is that it is soothing to your nerves. Henna takes time to dry  and for the ideal experience I recommend  following tradition and arranging things so that  you don’t have to cook or clean for the rest of the day. 

 My regular rate includes....

 -  A custom, original tattoo, co created by  you and I. You are painted in sitting in the comfort of your own home or relaxing in home studio. There is no travel fee if you live within 10 miles of our home studio (80301). The process of selecting a tattoo and painting is about 60 to 90 minutes, and is plenty of time to adorn a belly and possibly a hand as well. Additional henna pampering is $60/hour.
 - A complimentary photo session 2 to 3 days later when the henna is peaking. We’ll pick out something pretty and flowing for you to wear and head outside to a trailhead about 2 miles away and take photos of your gorgeous pregnant self in Colorado’s natural beauty. Complimentary photo sessions last about 30 minuets. 
 - 4 works of art, in the form of digital photos, will be emailed to you. These are high enough quality to use as your profile picture and share with as many as you like. To print, the resolution allows for a good quality wallet size photo. These 4 photos will be put in a private gallery online for you to order prints or download.
 Regular Henna Pampering $90: contact me to book your appointment - momma glamor-shots Upgrade your photo session! 

  If photos are important to you as part of this process, I invite you to upgrade your photo session to 

  The Amazing Photo Session:

- 60-90 minute photo session in my home studio and outdoors (come prepared to walk along a gorgeous trail with amazing views)

 - 3 or 4 additional costume changes

- nude photography (optional)

- return the next day for sunrise photos to capture a really special light (optional)

- 20 - 30 images in your private gallery online ~ fully finished and ready to order *

........................................................................ $100 sitting fee 

 * - Henna nutures & encourages and then photography captues he models inner beautyAll prints and digital files are purchased separately, starting at $8 for a 4x6 print or $60 for a 1 photo in digital form, minimum order $30.

What a treat to celebrate your pregnancy with pregnant friends!

Blessingway / Baby Shower

   Henna tattoos make events like these even more memorable and special. I will come with baskets of designs for you to choose from and colorful silks for you to be photographed with. It takes about 60 - 90 minutes to adorn a belly fully, and once it’s dry (15 - 20 min) you can get up and visit with friends.
 I am happy to adorn your guests, about 2 to 5 people an hour is a comfortable painting speed, though I can create smaller designs and paint more people if you wish.

  The cost for my services at Blessing Ways / Baby Showers is the same as the prices described above. Additional time spent painting guests is just $60/hour. 

All  my pregnant clients are offered a complimentary photo shoot in my home studio that happens when the henna is peaking in color after 2 to 3 days. This includes 4 wallet size files for you to print and share.

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Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.