Sarahkate Butterworth Henna Tattoos & Fine PhotographyIt's an INVESTMENT. You can't go back and recreate your pregnancy and those first few days/weeks/months with your baby. Photography is an investment in your family, a way to capture the amazing transformation you go through as you become a mama. These are photos you'll be looking through with your children and grandchildren for years to come. Let me help you document your family as it grows. 

  I currently offer all my pregnant clients a free 1 hour photography session with their henna, and this includes:

  - my time and talent as a photographer

 - shot preparation, planning and scouting for outdoor photos

 - an abundance of colorful flowing silks and other fabrics to drape around your gorgeous pregnant self in my home photo studio

 - image processing and editing of 4 photos

 - a digital copy of these 4 photos, in wallet size (low resolution) that you may use to email friends, post online, and use as your profile photo

  - additional prints and framing available upon request

Sarahkate Butterworth Henna on momma with baby - Mother & Baby - Happy Henna