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Modeling Opportunities  ~ Summer 2017 ~ Colorado

Staying creative in my art form is so important, and over the years (2003+) I love what each one of these projects brings out in me. 

Blessed Belly, Blessed Baby: Honoring Motherhood with Henna Tattoos

*** This project is currently booked ***

This is an ongoing art project I've been working on officially since 2008. Adorning women with henna during pregnancy & postpartum is a tradition from Africa and I love to recreate that with women. So far I've published 6 books (flip through Volume 4: and I'm working on the next version of this art and I'm very excited to publish a new book soon. The art created from this project may also be used in my other huge creative endeavor: I am the Creative Director Artfull Mother Magazine! (

   All models receive the henna design of their choice and 4 watermarked images from our sessions together. I ask that all models sign a model release and contribute $30 towards materials. 
   Please submit all model requests to:

  This magazine is devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them! Anyone can enjoy the magazine, though I've designed it to be a LOCAL resource so the new mamas coming into this community can find them. If you are a local mother, I would love you to participate with this project. I am seeking true stories / expressions of motherhood. Do you create art of any kind? Write poetry? Have you written your birth story or another unique story about being a mama? One Lafayette mama submitted a story about when she asked her daughter if she remembered being in her belly and she said YES.

  (Read that one here: ).
  Please submit your stories to: