My Photography

Sarahkate Butterworth Henna Tattoos & Fine PhotographyEver since I began my henna crafting in 2004, I’ve taken photos of my art work, especially those done on my favorite canvas - the pregnant belly. Since henna tattoos are such a temporary art form, capturing it in it’s full peaking glory is special.

 I offer all my pregnant clients a complimentary photo shoot so that I might have the opportunity to photograph the work of art on their belly.
 A photo session entails coming to my home photo studio in NE Boulder, where we will dress you up in flowing, colorful silks and spend about 15 - 30 minutes photographing your gorgeous pregnant self. 

  If you would like to get some outdoor photos I would be happy to do that too! There is an amazing trail head about 5 minutes away that we can travel to for some spectacular shots. My sitting fees for outdoor photography start at $50. We begin indoors and then after a few photos, we’ll head outside to a trailhead just a couple miles away, and spend about 20 to 30 minutes photographing your gorgeous pregnant self with the beauty of nature surrounding you. We’ll return to the studio for a costume change and more photos, possibly nude if you’re interested. The session takes about an hour, sometimes 1 1/2 hours, depending on the photography package you pick.

Sarahkate Butterworth Henna Tattoos & Fine Photography Over the next few days I’ll look at the 100 to 300 photos I took of you and select the best to make 4 amazing works of art. I’ll send you an email with these 4 unique works of art in a form that is perfect for sharing online, using as your profile picture, or even printing wallet size. These images will be watermarked.  I will also send you a link to a private gallery where you will be able to view several other photos from our photo shoot that I thought were great.

Each photo shoot involves 100-400 photos. I enjoy going through the photos and picking out the best 4 - 30 photos (depending on your photo package). These will be part of private gallery that you will be able to view on my website once you login.


More than a snap shot, each photograph is a work of art. 



** all prints and digital files are purchased separately