For Artists:

   I learned how to *be* an artist by reading and doing the exercises in these two books: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards and The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  Betty taught me the art of seeing with an artist's eye, which I thought you had to born with. Julia's book encouraged me to live the creative life I was meant to live and gave me the tools to build it. 

  I buy all my henna powder and other supplies from Henna Caravan. Catherine Cartwright-Jones has taught me so much about Henna Traditions and inspired me with her wealth of henna designs


For Pregnant and Postpartum Mamas:

  Boulder area Moms Online: BoulderRocknMoms is a yahoo group for local mamas who want to get together for hikes, playdates, or talk about anything releated to parenting.

  Becoming Mothers, mamas I paint share about how Stephanie Moore has be an incredible local resource for them, with her classes, events and of course her store. 

  Boulder Nurse Midwives Many of the mamas I paint have loved their expereince with these lovely ladies.

  Other midwives mamas rave about: Amy Colo, Kristine Lauria


Resources for Parents:

  In my opinion, a love of learning is born from a love of reading. What better gift to give your child? Start reading aloud today and build the foundation that reading is a pleasurable activity. Here are some books to inspire you:

  The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease 

  The Reading Promise: My father and the books we shared by Alice Ozman - a touching memoir about how Alice's Dad (a librarian) began reading to her every night starting in 4th grade with the idea to go 100 days, but "The Streak" lasted until she left for college. I love this book! 

  The book series ever for young children:

  It begins with Little House in the Highlands, which is about Laura Ingles Wilder's great grandmother - basically this is the fascinating prequel to Little House on the Prairie  and involves over a dozen of the best books ever written for children! Be sure to get the unabridged versions from the original author, Melissa Wiley. If I were a parent starting anew, I would buy this entire series. However the library does carry all the books, and did you know you can put books on hold on line and just pick them up when you arrive? This aspect of modern technology is a real time saver. 

  Instead of TV or computer time - learn to love AUDIO BOOKS:

  Everyone needs to be entertained  now and then, and kids can learn to take a break and listen to a book. It's a great transition from nap time, and kids can play with legos or create a craft while they listen. You can get these at the library as well, burn them into iTunes, and listen to them in the car or anywhere. Here's a list of audio books our girls loved:

  Jim Weiss has many CDs for the smallest listeners

  The Magic Tree House Series

  The Ramona Series 

  And classics like Ballet Shoes, Trumpet of the Swan, and The Secret Garden

  There are so many fantastic titles out there that you'll never run out of great things to listen to. I use to get ideas about what to order next from the library.