Hi! I'm SarahKate, welcome to my Blog!

My Speciality is honoring motherhood with Henna Tattoos. I love to adorn pregnant and breastfeeding women with henna then make beautiful photos for them. I live in Lafayette, CO and travel the front range from Colorado Springs, Denver and as far North as Fort Collins to find my living works or art. I am also the creative director of Artfull Mother magazine - a local magazine devoted to the interests of mothers and the art that empowers them!

  • Window Art and Gallery at A Moms Space

    I am so happy to be collaborating with A Moms Space in Lafayette! What a nurturing place for mothers to come and be supported. They offer all kinds of classes to find peace and self connection, opportunities to connect with other mamas, as well as professional services for healing and support.

    Please come by and check out my gallery on display as well as the window art I created. 424 East Simpson St in Lafayette! http://amomspace.com/

     I am happy to be offering a whole new line of services, digitizing my art into web-practical applications! Check them out!


     I draw strength from my feminine side and flow with the visions that are shared with me, bringing light and form to my client’s heartfelt desires. I am a prolific artist and delight in creating not only body art but also graphics, logos, and murals. I work with my outstanding husband Rob as a team to create websites as well as professional portrait and product photography.

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  • Window Art for Eats and Sweets in Lafayette

    Today I had the pleasure of spending a morning drawing in Eats and Sweets in Old Town Lafayette! 

    I lost myself in this doodle for a couple hours and then Rob came to photograph the final additions.

    I am excited to be exploring the world of murals and I look forward to my next endeavor! See more about all the kinds of art I do on:


    Welcome Spring!

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  • My biggest art project yet!

    Adorning Laura every month of her pregnancy starting at 5 weeks was an adventure! Read all about it in our magazine, Artfull Mother:


    The video below as taken by Laura during her last pregnancy henna session in December - her baby would arrive 2 weeks later. 

    And here is a video showing the progression of Laura's pregnancy and her design growing! The last henna in December was split up into two sessions, of about 3 hours each sitting!


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  • Early Spring Pregnancy Celebration: March 2017

      I am so happy to have created this art today! I had the pleasure of getting to know this lovely mama, due with her 2nd child. She requested a tree with birds in it, and this design just came through.

     I had fun incorporating several birds, including a mama bird & 2 baby birds. I love adding in all the details with henna, it's a medium that resonates so deeply with me. The adornment took nearly 2 hours, and I love the final result. 

      We walked down the hall to the photo studio and I snapped this lovely one...

      Then we traveled outside, and walked for a few minutes. The trees are JUST starting to get their leaves (in March! in Colorado!) and it's a warm day.  I adore this color green - fresh and new - spring in Colorado : paired with this lovely pregnant mama, glowing and gorgeous. 

      Check out this cloud in the sky - it looks like a bird... similar to the one on her belly. 

      Raising our eyes to the sky, embracing new life, new beginnings. I love celebrating pregnancy like this!

      Contact me now to book your Spring Pregnancy Henna Pampering! SKB@SarahKateButterworth.com

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  • Flowery Henna designs in the Winter in Colorado!

    One thing I love about my work is that it is year round! Pregnancy henna celebrations during the winter really brighten up my day, and the mama's day too! This lovely mama sat in my special tattoo chair and I loved creating a flowery design for her belly and hands. When first applied the henna paste is thick, and looks 3D. As it dries it flattens, and when it is removed later in the day a light stain has developed on the skin. Here I am painting and photographing Shay while her henna is fresh.

    This sweet mama returned with her family a few days later and we started in photo studio where is was nice and warm. Her daughter was a glowing ball of energy dancing around the room, but we got some sweet photos of their connection. 

    Outdoors it was quite chilly, but everyone had coats one, except for the few moments when we took these photos. Colorado is so beautiful, in every season. I love the pale pastel colors of a winter sunset in Boulder. And look at this gorgeous family of 3 - soon to be 4! 

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  • Meet the Artist

      I have been growing as an artist, creating graphics, logos and murals! I have also been working with my amazing husband to create websites. 

      Read more: http://sarahkatebutterworth.com/abc

      Also, I have been creating a lot of window art!

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  •   It only seemed like the logical next step to create a magazine after doing over 6 volumes on honoring motherhood. With a magazine we could share more than just pregnancy and postpartum photos, we could share about breastfeeding, local authors and poets, as well as local mama's birth stories and tales of motherhood. The idea behind the magazine is to be an inspiration as well as a resource. Check out the free online version at www.artfullmother.com or order a print copy on blurb

      Above I am flipping through the Boulder issue, there is also a Denver issue! 

      I am always interested to hear the stories of motherhood - if you're local and you have a story or poem of bit of art to share, contact me. 


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