What to Expect

SarahKate's Henna, Fresh and Fine -  Expect to spend the first 5 to 20 minuets looking at designs (I have hundreds) or showing me your ideas - many women will bring out books (this belly has "the four dignities" and is from the book "Shambhala - the sacred path of the Warrior" by Choegyam Trungpa).  Other mamas will show me various tattoo designs online. Often women will email me these images/ideas beforehand.  While it seems I can come-up with a design a minute, I especially enjoy working with my 'subjects' in the co-creation of a design and often go on to combine multiple themes for a truly personalized and unique work of art.

- Expect to choose your experience - sit in your favorite chair, recline on your couch, or lay on your bed while I paint sitting/kneeling beside you. You are welcome to close your eyes and enjoy the medicinal properties of henna, which include a pleasant soothing sensation to your nerves and a cooling sensation. Most women choose to chat about their process of being pregnant and their ideas for birth and beyond. 

- Expect to be adorned for about 90 minuets, experiencing the world's oldest cosmetic, the gentle body art of henna tattoos.  Henna paste dries on your skin and is scraped off hours later to reveal a tattoo. This tattoo gets darker and darker, peaking at about 2 or 3 days! 

Sarahkatebutterworth.com the Henna flows all around

-  Henna is a plant, and it's leaves are collected, dried, crushed and sifted into a fine powder. I mix this with 3 more ingredients - eucalyptis oil, lemon juice and sugar. It is the world's oldest cosmetic and has been used for thousands of years. The natural dye molecule in the henna plant will seep into your skin while you wear the paste for 2 to 6 hours. When you frist remove the paste it will be an orange and it takes a couple days to dakren fully and a couple weeks to fade away.

  -  It is best if you have a shower before the session because you will need to wait 24 to 48 hours before getting the area wet again.

  -  You may pick a design before hand online or look through my design books when I arrive, or you can allow me to work my artistic magic with a spontaneous and intuitive design.

  - While lying down or sitting in your position of choice, I will adorn you with henna free hand to create an original work of art. I may use a stencil for symmetry in a mandala. Pleae try to sit as still as possible so I can work quickly to create the design.

  - Allow the design to dry for 10 - 30 minutes and if desired, dab with lemon sugar juice every 20 minuets as it dries. This process can go on for several hours if you wish, or you can just allow the henna to dry and flake off on it's own. If the paste stays on longer the tattoo will be darker, though everyone's skin takes henna differently and some skin types stain very dark.

 SarahkateButterworth.com Henna creation in progress -  Ideally let the henna paste sit on your skin for a minimum of 2 hours, or all day.

  - When you are ready to take the henna off, you may stand in your shower or outdoors and brush it or scrape it off. You may also rub your belly with edible oil (coconut, olive, etc) and rub the paste off with a paper towel.  Step out and then turn on the water to wash the henna down the drain. Avoid water for 24 to 48 hours for the darkest stain! 

  -  Avoid contact with soap, bleach and chlorinated water. You may keep the area of skin moisturized with a natural oil based lotion or cream.

  -  If you are close to giving birth, your henna design will not be warped by it, check out these amazing photos from Kati's henna. She birthed the day I was supposed to photograph her (3 days after beign adorned) and instead came in when her baby was less than a week old for the 2nd photo. So precious!