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SarahKate Butterworth ~ Boulder's Premier Henna Artist and Photographer My henna is made of natural, safe ingredients and lasts a week or two. I serve Colorado's front rage ~ Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Denver & metro Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Loveland, Nederland and Aspen. The tradition of pregnancy henna comes to us from the Berber culture (north Africa) who have been using henna for over 8,000 years. Having henna applied during a healthy pregnancy is generally safe but it is always a good idea to speak with your doctor. Henna should be avoided if you are extremely anemic or if you (or your unborn baby) has a G6PD deficiency.

  • Holly

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    This first time mama drove all the way from Littleton to come to my studio for henna. This beautiful henna belly design began with a mandala around the belly button, flowing with leaves and flowers around it. 

    You look beautiful Holly! 


  • Leila

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      What a pleasure to create this artwork for this amazing mama that I've had a chance to get to know for a few months. A belly mandala flowing with flowers, leaves and ivy ~

    A few days later, when the tattoo was peaking in color, Leila came to my home studio for more photos ~

Henna & Photography